Brief Summary: Hunger In Johnson County

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Going Hungry Hunger in America In Johnson County we are very privileged to have three meals a day, maybe even snacks in between. Mostly we don’t even think or even worry about paying for food, let alone what we will eat for dinner, unless you’re a picky eater. What would it be like if if your parents were always stressed about money and food? For some people that’s what life is like for them and their family, but it wasn’t always like that. Lots of families in the U.S. lose jobs unexpectedly, and don’t know what to do because it’s so new to them. Oftentimes they find themselves with no money in their pockets and dinner just around the corner. Maybe they will try and send their kids off to a friends for the night to avoid telling them that as a family they are struggling to even provide food. Before they know it they go to bed with their stomachs grumbling, crying out for anything edible even though there is none in sight. Then in the morning all they look forward to is the smell of the cafeteria lunch being cooked, only to find out their lunch account is out of money. For Victoria and Steven this soon became reality. Victoria and Steven lived in a nice normal house with jobs and stable income. However her grandma had Parkinson 's Disease, and her aunt who had been taking care of her…show more content…
She said that people shouldn’t throw away good food instead store it like banks do, and with that the light bulb in Van’s head turned on. Soon after that he developed St Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix, Arizona. It was such a success in the first year it gave out 275,000 pounds of food. Since this the food bank was such a success they decided to make more, and by 1977, 18 cities across the country had food banks. It was not long before these food banks got a name, Second Harvest, and it was not till 2008 that it got the name Feeding America
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