Brief Summary Of Bobby's Story

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It’s 1963 Oklahoma and teenager BOBBY WILSON is accused of killing his mother and sister, and then burning their farm down, to cover up his crime. Bobby tells everyone that he doesn’t remember what happened. People grow suspicious when Bobby seems to care more about his dog than his family. When Bobby returns to the farm he finds his broken rifle and his mother’s car. Inside the trunk are Bobby’s clothes. He doesn’t know how they got there. His teacher RAY KELLY tries to help Bobby, but when the medical report shows that Bobby’s mother and sister weren’t killed in the fire, concern mounts. Bobby’s mother was shot in the head and his sister was hit was something. The District Attorney and investigators are convinced that Bobby is responsible.…show more content…
A mistrial is declared. Ray Kelly helps Bobby with arranging for attorney HAL WELCH to represent Bobby. Bobby is eventually released on bail. Bobby goes looking for his dog, but sadly learns his dog died. Ray Kelly helps Bobby start his life over by moving him to a new town and getting him a job. Bobby settles in and tells Ray goodbye, and a few days later, Ray Kelly dies from a heart condition. Bobby does well until someone recognizes him as a killer. He loses his job, but he finds a new one. Bobby begins a romance with MARY LOU without her parents knowing. When she gets pregnant, she moves in with Bobby. Bobby learns his re-trial has been set. Dr. Prosser uses a chemical injection and hypnosis to help Bobby. Under hypnosis, Bobby remembers his mother pointing the rifle at him and he recalled that the only thought in his head was to get the gun away or he would be killed. He also remembers a strange odor. The doctor believes Bobby has a form of amnesia. At the trial, there’s another deadlock in favor of Bobby. Another mistrial is declared. Bobby and Mary Lou marry and care for their daughter. Bobby decides to get a degree from college. Six years pass, with no word on a retrial and then Hal Welch dies. Bobby decides to go to law school and he’ll defend himself if another trial is
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