Brief Summary Of Elie Wiesel's Missions

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At one of Michael 's many missions, he was walking down an empty street and saw what looked like two cars which were black and had smoked out windows. Michael walked faster trying to get away but it was too late and he was caught. The government agents soon brought him to a secluded location and chained him so he could not escape. He was very delusion and in need of food and water but yet they did not give anything. Soon they stripped Michael of his cloth and gave him prisoner cloth that was pretty many rags. Michael knew that even so he doubted anything like this can happen he still planned slightly for this scenario and planted a tracker in his jacket so if he was caught someone could and save him. After weeks of torture and questioning,…show more content…
The cycle repeated and Michael just got used to it even so he still yearned to be free and rebellious but because of his stupidity, he is nowhere with no one to save him. In one of the cruel beatings, he heard the gunshots and this time they were inching forward at a rapid pace. The general which oversaw everything smirked and told the officials to take Michael to a different location and they followed suit as the rebels slowly took the hidden strong hold. In the days of sitting, Michael wondered how the rebellion grew and if there was another leader which lead it. He did not mind of course for he wanted it to succeed and he could see it in the eyes of the officials and guards that they were terrified of the rebellion and they know that the government is losing the game of cat and mouse which they played with the rebilion. Michael lost track of time completely and soon did not even remember what the outside looked, for now, he only cared about surviving the beating and the questionings that were set up by the officials. He swore that he would never crack and so far he never did and just nodded his head. He knew how much he angered the officials and sometimes he believed that they called down the sergeant to terrify him but yet he is never
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