Brief Summary Of Inman's Ada From The Battle Of Cold Mountain

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The novel starts off with an injured Confederate soldier, Inman, from the Battle of Fredericksburg. Inman was tended at a hospital but decides to leave at night to return to his lover, Ada Monroe, at Cold Mountain, North Carolina. Ada on the other hand did not live a glorious life at home. Her father soon dies and she is left to take over her father’s farm called the Black Cove. With the help of her friend, Ruby, the two women worked to make the farm in good condition. Ruby teaches her important skills to run the farm as Inman continues to journey home. As Inman travels home, he became aware of Home Guards, men in the military that hunt down other soldiers that escaped the battles in the Civil War. Along the way, being cautious at all times, he met a preacher called Solomon Veasey, who was accounted for being involved with a woman. Regardless of the trouble that Veasey got into, he journeyed beide Inman after being kicked out of his town because of his crime with the woman. As they travel together, they found a place to stay with the help of the owner called Junior, who eventually turns Inman into the Home Guards. Inman was shot but Veasey covered…show more content…
With the help from the woman that he stumbled upon, Inman successfully makes his way back to Cold Mountain. He then meets Ada, both people were unable to recognize themselves from their changed appearances because of the four years of not seeing each other during the war. Ada invites Inman to her farm and the two conversed, and made plans for the future. After a few days of arriving home, Inman gets caught by Captain Teague’s protege, Birch, and got shot in the head. Ada runs to Inman and comforts him until he sadly passed away. A few years later, Ada had Inman’s child and she soon married the “Georgia” boy and had three children with him. The novel ends with Ada happily living her life on Black
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