Brief Summary Of Jack Buck's Into The Wild

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This story is about a half St. Bernard, half sheepdog named Buck, who lived on a farm in California, until one day he was kidnapped and sold to dog traders to match the growing need for sled dogs to try to find gold. These dog traders beat him and cursed him until they broke his ways and proved their point. The traders put Buck in a crate and sent him by rail road to a couple of mail carriers working for the government, Perrault and Francois. When Buck arrives at Canada, he is surprised by the cold weather and harsh environment created by the other sled dogs in the area. Curly, another dog bought by the mail carriers, stepped off the ship and was immediately met by a huskie who wanted to fight him. Buck was curiously standing by as his new friend was brutally killed by a large group of these dogs. This sight scarred Buck, as he promised himself that that would never be in the same situation. Perrault and Francois and the other dog owners broke up the fight and eventually set up camp for the night. The next morning the two mail carriers and their team of dogs set out for their first trip. Buck, the newcomer, picked up the art of dog sledding very quickly, along with the help of his fellow teammates. Buck found it hard to live in the cold climates of the North. The other dogs weren’t very helpful in this…show more content…
Buck loved him so much that he saved John from drowning in a river, killed a man who started a fight, and won a $1,600 bet for him. However, as strong as Buck’s love was for John Thornton, his call to the wild was stronger. This led Buck on an adventure for many days deep into the woods with a newly befriended timber wolf. When he eventually returned home, he had found that Indians had killed all the dogs and people. Enraged, Buck went on a killing spree, driving back the Yeehat Indians. Mourning his loss, Buck returns to the woods to answer the call of the wild, becoming a primordial
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