Brief Summary Of Jayel's Book Thief

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Jayel hunts the werewolves who killed her parents and turned her brother until Solomon, sadistic alpha of another pack, captures her. Against her brother’s wishes, she’s held captive in the middle of a tense werewolf alliance. Some want her dead. Others want her turned. Even worse, Jerrod and David, two wolves on opposing sides, make noise about claiming her—and each other.

She has problems beyond capture and a highly annoying lust for Jerrod, the werewolf ranch hand who stumbles over her, and David, Solomon’s sexy beta who openly despises her for killing his pack mate. An old enemy returns: sons of Blaise Forrester, who was instrumental in tearing Jayel’s family apart, plan to reclaim the territory—and kill any who stand in their way.

When they attack the ranch where she’s being held, David becomes her unlikely rescuer—and they find passion beneath animosity. Jerrod joins in, and they bond. But Solomon finds out and is determined to reclaim his beta.
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First, she must face the women of the allied packs--mates whose lives her vengeance impacted. When she goes to battle, she must make a choice—let her mates die, or lose them by becoming the very thing she’s hated. Her sacrifice has unexpected consequences, making her a hybrid rather than werewolf. One enemy is dead, but Solomon still has a score to settle. He fights Jayel. Her new powers, the females she rallied, and David will end it.

Soon, the packs gather for the birth of her nephew, the first of a new generation. She has found love, a new purpose, and a family among the
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