Brief Summary Of Kathleen Parker's The Nuanced Passion Of Pope Francis

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The Vatican’s publication of the “Catechism of the Catholic Church”, discusses what qualities a person should possess and gives a guide on social conduct. It also states how a government should be handled and the importance to have a good authoritative figure so the nation is led well. The source shows the Pope’s general beliefs and what he chooses to follow. Parker uses this article to support the idea that the Pope can give effective political advice because his morals are intact and usually a belief that people already hold. She also put’s the Pope’s benevolent nature in the limelight –which was done fairly easily- through the use of bias Catholic teachings from Rome. By showcasing the highly religious Vatican views on individual conduct, Parker is able to put the Pope and his views on a…show more content…
Speaking to an audience of United States citizens and Christians, Parker uses a personal anecdote of her sharing her drastic personality change – from a nonbeliever to a “Good Samaritan” - to propose that the Pope’s speech had made an effective impact politically and socially. She starts the article by utilizing hyperboles, alongside of her anecdote, so that the audience is aware of her sudden change in morals and interest in the Christian faith- despite her non-religious lifestyle. She then proceeds to provide sources from the Vatican to delve into the Pope’s ideals. She asserts that though his speech has a religious base when addressing political topics, he abstains from preaching faith, but instead focuses on compassion. Lastly, she implies that lack of viewing the Pope’s address as effective means two things: people are generally self-serving, or people merely refuse to understand an inspirational speech because of the prominent religious
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