Brief Summary Of 'Killings' By Andre Dubus

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“Killings” written by Andre Dubus is focused on the main character and protagonist Matt Fowler. Matt is the father of three known children in the story, Cathleen, Steve, and his youngest, Frank. Matt had his children with his wife and business partner Ruth Fowler. In the beginning of the story Matt is laying his youngest son, Frank, to rest in the cemetery after he was brutally murdered by the story’s main antagonist, Richard Strout. At the time of his death, Frank was in school and majoring in economics (63) and had a very bright future ahead of him, after all, he was only twenty eight years old. Richard Strout on the other hand, is a Umass dropout and current bartender for somewhere in Hampton Beach after working construction with his father for a couple of years (62). These men are two very different people, connected by the same woman. Mary-Ann Strout is…show more content…
“‘She knows I started carrying it after the first time she saw him in town.’” “‘I’ve got a .38 I’ve had for years, I take it to the store now.’” Most people can safely assume that if you regularly carry a weapon of any kind, you have probably thought about harming someone in some way shape or form for some reason. With that being said, is this going to lead Matt to killing Richard? Most readers can assume that in the end of the story Matt would get his justice. Richard did not get in trouble for what he did in Matt’s eyes. It’s Matt’s goal and essentially personally vendetta to make sure that Richard gets what he deserves, Matt wants to make sure that Richard feels the kind of pain that everyone else is feeling that was connected to Frank. With the title of the story being “Killings” and not “Killers” or “Killer” or “Killing” this was something that most can assume would happening before even continuing to read further into the story. Naturally it inevitably
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