Brief Summary Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Lost Word Count: 1053 Odysseus was on a boating trip to go visit his family for Saturnalia. Odysseus was frightened at the fact that the captain of the boat wine and driving the boat so he went into his room and fell asleep. He woke up to the sound of yelling and screaming so he left his room and asked what happened. Odysseus was shocked when he heard that the captain had passed out at the wheel and crashed the ship into an iceberg. The ship was slowly sinking and the passengers did not know what to do, but Odysseus was smart. He saw a floating piece of wood, that came from the ship, and he jumped on to the wood. He did his best to paddle as far as he could until he passed out in the water on the board. Somehow, Odysseus woke on an island…show more content…
Odysseus came up on was a very large den. Odysseus searched the den only to find huge items like big cheese, a huge staff, and a very big bow. Odysseus first thought was to go and nibble on the cheese 5 times his size when a huge footstep sounded outside of the den. Before anything could happen Odysseus grabbed a chunk of the cheese and escaped from a hole in the side of the den. After a day of surveying the island Odysseus had found a water hole, a field of cows, and a hut with pigs in the front yard. When Odysseus had finished resting he took a very long nap under a group of oak trees. When he awoke it was very cold and it was raining so he went to the hut he found the other day only to find a lady in her chair. Odysseus asked the woman if she knew what island they were on or if she could get him a way to his parents house for Saturnalia. She did not say a word, but after a while she said bring me a tooth from a shark, the fleece of a giant sheep, and the hide of a lion and I will give you a way to your parents house. Odysseus was outraged at what he had to do to get home, but he set out on his journey to collect the items, starting with the fleece of the sheep. Odysseus had noticed the sounds of sheeps before he left the very big den so he went back to…show more content…
Odysseus then went to the beach and began to swim out into the ocean. After an hour or two of swimming in the ocean Odysseus decided to cut himself to lure a shark. After he did this he only had to wait a couple minutes until a shark appeared. The shark began to circle Odysseus waiting for a moment to attack, and Odysseus was following the shark waiting to attack as well. Suddenly the shark made its move at Odysseus, but Odysseus was one step ahead and he flailed to the side and jabbed his spear into the heart of the shark killing it. Odysseus removed a tooth and began to swam back to the shore, but while he was swimming back he heard the most beautiful voices singing. He disregarded them and went back to the woman 's hut. When he handed the woman the tooth she placed the tooth in the bottle, but this time she took Odysseus to the shore and told him to turn around. When he turned back the bottle was gone and there in the water was a ship. When Odysseus and the woman reached the ship she called for the Spirit of the Nine Winds to take them to Odysseus’s parents house, which it did. When Odysseus reached his parents land he turned to thank the woman, but she and the ship were both gone. Odysseus went into his parents house
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