Brief Summary Of Rainsford's Life On An Island

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When Rainsford wakes up, he decides that he needs to get rid of General Zaroff’s body. He doesn’t know how or when though. No one is around the house, and he was on an island, so he just thought to take the body and dispose of it in the water around the island. He would first stick the body in a bag and then float it down the river. Rainsford would just have to hope that no one discovers the body and then try to investigate the situation. Rainsford knows just where to find a body sized bag, he grabs it fast and places General’s body in the bag. First he thinks to himself, does this mean I am a murderer too? No I was helping out the others by doing this. I am a good murderer. Is there such thing as a good murderer? I lied and then just killed…show more content…
As Rainsford asks questions and they get to know each other Rainsford starts to open up about the whole situation. The man whose name is Kingsley tells his story first then lets Rainsford have a chance to share. The man isn’t as shocked or terrified as Rainsford thought that he would be. After a long chat, Rainsford learns that Kingsley had also met Whitney by accident, but not known General Zaroff. Kingsley thinks that Rainsford is insane and has major issues. Kingsley tricks Rainsford by saying that he will take him to a special place. Somewhere that Rainsford has never been. Rainsford makes a huge mistake by trusting Kingsley. Kingsley has a master plan of taking Rainsford to a mental hospital that he had heard of once. They arrived at the hospital and the lady at the front desk had seen so many other patients that day she just decided to tell them to just walk in and set Rainsford up in a room. This was a bad idea, because Rainsford was fighting Kingsley on the whole situation. Kingsley took Rainsford out back and then killed him right there. Obviously the police came an investigated and Kinsley got arrested for murder. When Rainsford was dying his last words were, “I guess the humans are the most dangerous
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