Brief Summary Of Rebecca's Case

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61 worker went to Madison county jail to visit with Rebecca Sheppard for a parent worker contact. Rebecca said that she is leaving their clean and does not wish to do a maintenance drug. Rebecca does want to do intensive outpatient program with Chestnut once she is released. Rebecca does not want to do drug court if I offered because drug court would send her to Bloomington for inpatient. Rebecca does not wish to go to inpatient because she is clean. Another possibility for Rebecca at the court hearing on the ninth is DOC time at 85%. Rebecca is going to ask for probation domestic violence and anger management at the court hearing. Rebecca takes full responsibility for her charges. Rebecca states that this may be your second time with DCFS…show more content…
Rebecca will be taught to do computer work for the electric company. This way Rebecca can attend the outpatient services and work in the evening. Rebecca plans on keeping herself busy when she 's released that way she does not relapse. Kenny has helped Rebecca looking for oxford houses to reside in. Rebecca knows that everything is coming out was a blessing for her bad choices. Rebecca states that being in jail exchange Rebecca she 's 32 years old and does not want to return to jail. Rebecca is trying to get the jail to give Rebecca her bipolar medication. Rebecca feels that if she receives her medication she has a better chance of that relaxing. Worker questioned if Rebecca feels really that 's because of self medicating her bipolar disorder. Rebecca states and yes she would medicate for the bipolar. So the worker how she was shaking and her anxiety was high. Rebecca states that she has put her job before her children and once she is released she will do anything and everything possible to regain custody of her children. It is not Rebecca 's mother 's job to raise Rebecca 's children. Rebecca wishes her mother would incorporate her more than life Rebecca feels that she stays clean while incorporating with her mother. Rebecca question about the
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