Brief Summary Of Rikki's Bravery

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Rikki Tikki showed his bravery by being confident, daring, and fearless. By being confident Rikki Tikki was able to stand up against Nag and Nagaina who were plotting against him, and were trying to kill his friends. He was able to protect by fighting the snakes and having all of the ideas of fighting in his mind before he was going to attack. He was quick on his feet when others tried to hurt him which helped him see what kind of tricks they were trying on him. Rikki Tikki was also daring. He would jump into battle to protect the humans in any case. For example when he was fighting Nagaina, she had slithered into the hole. Rikki Tikki immediately followed because he knew if he did not kill her now, she would eventually come back and then
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