Brief Summary Of Skeers 'Aibileen'

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Summary: Aibileen traches Mae Mobley to use the bathroom by herself and the Leefolts build Aibileen a separate colored bathroom outside. Skeeter gets approval from Mrs. Stein to start writing a rough draft about what life is like as a colored maid. She approaches Aibileen to interview her and though at first she is reluctant but eventually decides to do it as long as they’re careful. Meanwhile Skeeter goes on a long awaited date with the senator’s son, Stuart, who is drunk and incredibly rude the entire time. Personal Connection: I can understand how upset Skeeter was after her date with Stuart. I can’t stand people who think they can say whatever they want, even if it’s rude and just get away with it. Especially when they tease you or insult
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