Brief Summary Of The Book 'All Quiet On The Western Front'

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Q5. The book All Quiet on the Western Front taught me everything I know on war. Before reading this book I honestly knew absolutely nothing when it came to war. The only things I had known was that the United States of America had a strong army and they would protect us. War had never been a worry to me, occasionally I would hear about it in the news, but it never bothered me. I always figured that everything was taken care of and life over there was fine. After all, as a citizen of the United States you never really hear about what it is actually like in the war. Most Americans and myself do not realize the everyday struggle and fight our soldiers go through. They risk their lives everyday so that I am able to live my life of freedom here in the United States. I never realized all the work and time they put forth in order to protect our country.
The book helped put a lot of this in perspective for me. Like I stated before, I thought that war was easy. I figured that everyone just
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This book taught me everything I now know about war. This book taught me that war was constant, it didn 't stop whenever. If you needed a break, it didn 't matter, it was continuous fighting. You were constantly fighting for your life while defending your country. This book taught me about the amount of death an pod injuries that occurred everyday. I never knew before that the majority of the dead were left unburied. I had no idea that they were just left lying out there in the middle of it all. I had never put in perspective what it would be like to watch your best friend die right in front of you. I had no idea that soldiers treated life like a gift. I never knew that they were faced everyday with the same haunting thought that that day may be their last. I never knew what it felt to have that constant reminder that you might never see you family and friends again. I did not know the full effects war had on people, it changed them
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