Brief Summary Of The Book 'Carter Finally Gets It'

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Gena Montgomery
Ms. Vicino
English III Honors
10 December 2015
Book Review: Carter Finally Gets It Brent Crawford, always enjoyed dramatic arts. He moved to Los Angeles in pursuit to become an actor. In that course of time he went to school for writing, performing arts, interior design, etc. So finally he moved back to Kanas to become a pro-writer, as a result Carter Finally Gets It came to be. The novel is about a fourteen year old boy, Will Carter, who enters high school with his head held high. He comes to find out high school isn’t all he expected it to be. He realizes that he needs to be popular, not a virgin, and a jock to “survive” high school. In his attempts to achieve all these titles he makes many mistakes along the way. He becomes extremely unfocused on the football field and in class, all due to the thought of girls and how he is going to lose his virginity. "All I think about is girls, and I don 't do anything about it" (98).
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His love life begins with a girl named Abby who is on the drill team. But Carter is far-off from being an expert at the “getting the girl” mechanism. By getting tips from his sister, Lynn, he learns how to talk to girls and keep them interested in him so that he could now win Abby over, although she didn’t need much of that. However, being able to keep Abby on his arm is another obstacle he has to face. After declaring his love to Abby, Amber Lee, the most popular freshman, manipulates him into asking her to the homecoming dance. He’s completely unaware to the fact that she simply only needs a ride to the dance, because her father wouldn’t allow her to go with anyone else but him. Carter’s stream-of-consciousness, first-person narrative, in an superb imitation of a freshman in high school, complete with heartbreak, despair, trouble, and
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