Brief Summary Of The Bully By Paul Langan

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In the bully a realistic fiction novel by Paul Langan, a high school student named Darrell Mercer that had recently moved from Philadelphia to California. In Philadelphia he had a friend named Mark he had fought all of his fights because Darrell was small and skinny kid. Then his mom found a better job in California. After they settled Darrell first day at school was really bad and he meet a bully that made his day really bad that he wish that he can move back. Langan used setting, characters, and plot to develop the theme of this novel.
Throughout the novel, the author creates the mood of fear, anger, and being powerless through the protagonists, Darrell and his conflict with the antagonists, Tyray. In chapter five,” langan show how Tyray whipped out a knife and held it up to Darrell’s face, then Darrell thought he’s gonna kill me right there. This is the end. I’ve been in California for three days, and I’m gonna die on the street” (67).
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Darrell was the complete opposite he was a skinny, short, and don’t have any type of muscles in his body, but then tryay is a big boy with big muscles, and he can fight (6-7). Darrell thought of join the wresting team to make him strong to stop tryay of bullying him, but then tryay found out that Darrell want to join the wresting them and he start to make fun of him without no mercy “I heard this little punk joined the wrestling team, he’s gonna have to wrestle fourth graders cause he’s so tiny” (122). Langa uses the conflict of protagonist and antagonist to create an atmosphere of fear, anger, and being powerless which makes the readers worry about the safety and well-being of the main
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