Brief Summary Of The Short Story 'Scarlet Ibis'

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The short story “Scarlet Ibis” tells about two brother, one is unnamed while the other one is nicknamed Doodle. The unnamed brother is embarrassed that Doodle cannot walk so he pushes him to the limit, and helps him walk. This give the brother pride, so he pushes doodle to strive to achieve bigger goals like swimming and running. Eventually Doodle is pushed to hard and starts to get sick. One day while Doodle and his family were eating a bird from Brazil fell into their lawn and died. Doodle felt obliged to bury said bird, Which was found out to be the Scarlet Ibis. After that event, Doodle and his brother were in the forest at the start of a storm, and Doodles ended up dying from the storm. His brother then regretted for pushing him so hard
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