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The book “Under and alone” debates a story of law enforcement agent, William Queen, who, in 1998 indulged himself in the most dangerous undercover biker’s gang, as an agent. But later on he totally got mixed up with the gang and was become a regular member of an outlaw and violent gang. One might think, as I used to do, that there would be no contempt or rules to join a biker gang. But when I went through and read this book I came to know that the Mongol gang which was joined by Queen had proper and organized undertaking setup for joining the gang. They have a 70-pages constitution about the joining the gang which one have to agree with before joining the gang and a three page application for the membership. Not just that they have an organized…show more content…
The other interesting thing described is that members of the Mongol gang called a car as `cage` as they were bikers they love to be on bikes and feel uncomfortable in a bound vehicle. The particular dressings attired by the bikers during their drive they call as colors and never used them while in a car. William Queen used an interested word for his informants, who used to provide him the secrete and sensitive information, that is `felony stupid’, probably whenever he felt offensive by their…show more content…
The author is not the articulate type and even admitted in his book that he hates writing. I'm sure there was a ghost writer or a zealous editor has put a lot of work into turning the author's raw notes into this book. There are some chapters that skirt the edge of good writing, but most of it is simply a play-by-play account of what happened. I can't imagine what it would have been like without the ghost writer however in any case, this completely doesn't matter because the account itself is so compelling. But still that thing has somehow been shielded by the splendid level of the story. An interesting thing in the story is that when Queens mother got died all of his biker friends of Mongol biker gang offered condolence and relaxed Queen with their sympathetic words but his colleagues and friends from Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms with whom he spend so much responsible and honest time did not said even a word his mother’s death. I see it is quite hard to do his job, for which he was actually there, after such an attachment and bonding with the members. But at the end Queen preferred his ethics and morality and successfully performed the job he was assigned for, there in the Mongol

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