Brief Summary: The Legend Of Bethany Hamilton

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This is a story about Bethany Hamilton. Bethany was swimming one day and, she got attacked by a shark. Bethany’s friend Alana had come in the water to help her. Bethany was 13 years old when she got attacked. Bethany woke up in the hospital. I believe that Bethany feels good about herself even though she has one arm .she is back surfing now and she is a pro. Bethany went swimming on Halloween and she went out in the water .Bethany was ready to hit the waves. Next Bethany got wiped off of her board and she was attacked .after the shark bit her it took off Bethany’s arm and, Bethany was bleeding very badly. Bethany helped herself by not panicking because more blood would have come out of her. They had too wrap Bethany’s arm quickly. Bethany

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