Brief Summary: The Rape Of Nanking

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The Rape Of Nanking To live and die by “death before dishonor.” Japanese Imperial Army lived by a savage statement. Japanese would rather die before admit defeat, Japs proved that statement during Kamikaze events. The rape of nanking is an important piece of history. It involves the death of over 300,000 people. This catastrophic event occurred on December 13, 1937 in the capital of China, Nanking. These victims were raped, beat, and burned. Japan was making a statement when this occurred which was surrender or this while happen to all your cities. Japan's attack on Nanking, at the time known as Nanjing was not random. China has tried to attack and take Japan's islands, these events date back to 1274. Chinese Mongols tried to invade Tsushima Island on October 5th. Also, Mongols tried to invade Lki…show more content…
This affected all of China, 300,000 plus were killed. The capital was defended by untrained auxiliary troops which did not prevent Japanese from ending the massacre. World War 2’s end was the only cause that prevented this huge tragedy. Japan had no remorse, they deny all these killings and torture. Rape Of Nanking came to an end due to World War 2 ending. The capital was ripped apart, homes were looted and children were missing. General Matsui Iwane and lieutenant Tani Hisao were found guilty by the International Military Tribunal for war crimes in the far East.. Both were convicted and executed by hanging. The leaders and other war criminals were enshrined at Yasukuni Shrine in 1978. Japan and China signed a treaty of peace in August 12, 1978. This stirred up controversy in Japan and China. Many people purposed the question of was the death of 300,000 plus residents worth it, If they would later sign a treaty? Many Japanese and Chinese have hatred for eachother still to this day for the vicious ways Japanese soldiers killed civilians. Japanese reputation was tarnished in many Chinese citizens
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