Brief Summary: The Trail Of Tears

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The Trail of Tears In 1835 the New Echota Treaty signed into effect that the Cherokee people would sell their land to the American government and abdicate land by May 23, 1838. This paper follows the tragedy than Sue 's this unjust theft of land and lives that were taken from the Cherokee people. The first group in the story is made up of the men who met with the US government to negotiate the details of the New Echota Treaty. This group was made up mostly of the Cherokee elite, who unfairly decided the future of the Cherokee nation. Led by major John Ridge, who saw the writing on the wall in that the government had planned to take their land for farming and gold-mining. Instead of protecting his people he sought to profit from the situation and sign the treaty for generous compensation. John Ross, who led the majority of the Cherokee nation in resisting the pressure to leave their lands, led the second party. John Ross tried multiple times to arrange meetings with President Van Buren to renegotiate these terms. However, Ross was not successful in his attempts. When the deadline for the Cherokee people dismissal arrived most still remain on their land and plan to stand their ground. President Van Buren directed major General Winfield Scott to start moving the Cherokees off their land. The removal was brutal and ugly. The soldiers marched over their lands families from their land and stole their belongings. Then, they forced them into shabby holding pens unfit for men or animals. The Cherokees were subjected to the elements without any change of…show more content…
This unforgivable history has been brushed away and forgotten. The Cherokee lost all that they had known do the greed and corruption of the government. We must hear this story so that a crime of this magnitude will never be repeated against anyone
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