Brief Summary: The Urban Legend Of Bloody Mary

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Do you or do you not believe in Bloody Mary? Do you know what an urban legend is? An urban legend is a folklore, myth and often a miscommunication that is developed and circulated to others. Urban legends have a history, often based on a person or a circumstance. This is built into a folklore that is passed from generation to generation. These urban legends are created many times to send a message or moral. Bloody Mary is an urban legend that has a unique history, tale and moral. "She goes by many names including Mary Worth, Mary Jane, Mary Lou, Mary Worthington, Mary Whales and Mary Johnson. But you probably know her by another, more fearsome name: Bloody Mary." (DNews) When it comes to the story, as well as the details, there are different versions being told. It solely is based on the culture, era, and the location of those that are looking for her. According to some people, she was known as a hitchhiker who ended up in a car accident that was terrifying. According to others, some say that she was an…show more content…
You shouldn't make jokes that are sickening and disgusting. Not all jokes are funny! There's a fine line between getting a good laugh and bullying someone. It shouldn't be tolerated or even allowed. This urban legend makes fun of numerous things. For example, it talks about amputations, and death. Also, it talks about disease, and decapitations, as well. Not to mention, the jokes start off as being small but can end up extreme. Developed and circulated by others, an urban legend is a myth, folklore, that is often a miscommunication. Often based on a person or a circumstance, Urban legends have a history. Folklore's are passed on from generation to generation. Majority of the time, urban legends are made to teach a moral or a lesson. One urban legend that tells a distinctive history, tale, and moral, is Bloody

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