Brief Wondrous Life

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In the book, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, we were brought into a different type of storytelling. It is just like lasagna; as we read along the book and reflect upon the story being presented, we uncover the different layers hidden in this book. First, we think it as the author, Junot Diaz portrayed the story to us. Then as we get into the fourth chapter, we understood that the book was actually written by one of characters in the book who is close friend to Oscar’s family. As we finishing the book, we came to a different understanding. This story book was done by a group effort because when Yunior, the actual narrator of the book, tell us the story of in such details that it is impossible for him to know all those details without the…show more content…
It is just a story. How can Oscar’s death be the first step of ending the curse that has been with the family for decades. First, let’s take a look at all the people mentioned in this book that was cursed. When Beli was in school, in her English class, the English teacher let the students write about what they expect to happen during the next decade. One boy wrote about how much he wished that the country could be democratic. The next day, both the student and the teacher disappeared. Then, we learned how Beli messed up with Trujillo’s family but managed to survive. We also learned that Beli’s parents were cursed by Trujillo, too. Everyone who was close to her father were dead including his mistress, and his two beautiful daughters. It is as if the curse is with the family as long as there are still living members. (for these part, instead of describing everything, try to use some quotes) Beli was the first generation that survived the curse. She was not dead, but she had to suffer everyday as long as she is still alive. We could interpret this as, the curse will wipe out the family immediately. And for the ones who “luckily” survived had to live a life as hell. For the living members, the curse kept them alive. For example, Oscar tried to kill himself, but

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