Brigade Commander Case Study

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There are countless duties and responsibilities that the BDE S-4 section complete on a daily basic to ensure the battalion is operating in an efficient manner. This discussion focuses on the duties and responsibilities of the property book officer, mobility officer and the logistics plans officer within the BDE S-4 section as outlines by doctrine and regulation. Additionally, this discussion looks at how the Brigade Commander utilizes the above positions to help gather information, ensure equipment and personnel readiness and determine capabilities needed to support mission requirements.
In the Brigade S4 section the property book officer works closely with the Brigade S-4 in providing critical information to the Brigade Commander regarding
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Additionally, a key task of the mobility officer is to train unit personnel on their responsibilities in the unit movement process. If personnel are unaware or unable to perform their assigned duties it could cause problems in meeting the commander intent for personnel and equipment arriving in a timely manner. The mobility officer coordinate movement request with joint, Army and commercial agencies and is able to help deconflict issues as they occur. The mobility officer reviews the do not deploy list and make recommendation to exception to polices and ensure data is correctly entered into the Transportation Coordinator Automated Information System II (TCAIMS II). The mobility officer advises the brigade commander and staff on information that has the potential to positively and negatively impact the mission giving the commander the ability to adjust to changes as they…show more content…
The logistic plans officers keep tracks of lessons learned from previous logistical support missions and develop strategies oh how to improve logistical operations for future mission. Also, he gathers information from other brigades and battalions on how they overcame logistical challenges for mission requirement. Additionally, he determines the training needs of subordinate personnel and help establish a training plan that support the asset
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