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Brigid, the celtic goddess of fire, in the course of time, has been worshiped in different regions and cultures. This in turn helped her gain an exceedingly long list of names that stretches from Bride to Brigandu. Her name Brigid means 'bright arrow ' or 'bright one '.

The primary symbols associated with Brigid are Flames, fireplace and fire. In spite of this, she is also symbolised using other symbols such as White Swan, water and grain.

Family and Relations Tuatha de Danaan was one of the ancient races that inhabited Northern Europe, lead by Dagda. Brigid was Dagda 's daughter. Since Dagda was the son of the great mother goddess , Danu. This in turn made Brigid, Danu 's granddaughter. Brigid was thus the member of a well respected
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The Brigid goddess is two faced, one of them pale and attractive, that represents the poetic side. And the other black and atrocious, due to its exposure to fire.

● Imbolc

Imbolc, more frequently known as candlemass is the pagan festival of early spring. The festival is usually celebrated on February 1st or 2nd. The festival is celebrated when then nature awakens after the freezing months of winter. Imbolc ultimately became known as Candlemass, because candles for the rest of the year were made on this day. It is a part of the festivities to light candles.

Imbolc was an Irish holiday, that meant 'in the belly '. It was celebrated as a sacred day, by lighting fire and performing rituals. This in turn guarantee the farmers a plentiful harvest. People during those time, espied earth as a woman during her first few months of pregnancy. As there was life waiting to burst out of the soil, when spring finally arrives.

During these festival, the domestic animals would prepare themselves to give birth. And their body would start to form mother 's milk for their young ones.

It doesn 't matter which God you worship during the Imbolc festival, because the Brigid Maiden is associated with this festival. As the Brigid Mother, moves aside giving way for the
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