Brigitte Bardot: A Fashion Icon In The 1960's

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With her face on the cover of every magazine, big screen, and news channel, everyone wanted to be just like her. Brigitte Bardot was a french model, actress, and singer who was known for her tacky, silly, cheap clothing. Aside from her looks, she was also an actress who starred in many movies such as Crazy For Love, Contempt, and Viva Maria! Brigitte set the bar for how women should feel about themselves, especially in the 1960s when women weren’t treated equally. Brigitte Bardot was a fashion icon in the 1960s, because she wore and modeled unique, bold clothing, she was a successful female actress, and she set an example of how much confidence women should have.
Brigitte Bardot wore original clothing that caught the world’s attention in the 1960s. Brigitte differentiated from other models and actresses because of her irregular sense of style and taste in clothing that she wore, according to Her iconic look was what caught a lot of people’s attention, wearing bouffant waves in her hair, winged eyeliner and nude lipstick ( Her decisions on what she
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According to, “...Brigitte made her first American production in Act of Love (1953) with Kirk Douglas, but she continued to make films in France.” Also, mentioned that Brigitte mainly capitalized her success in french films. Brigitte was loved in the film industry and attracted a large crowd to her films from her many professions. Brigitte Bardot married Roger Vladim who suggested her to be in a movie that was never made, but it introduced her into pursuing a career as an actress ( “...(Brigitte) went on to star in several films before being featured in 1956’s And God Created Woman, which launched her to international fame” says Brigitte was an incredible female actress. She became extremely successful from her acting career and flourished from her opportunities and some of the movies she was

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