Brikk Tikki Brave Quotes

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‘Oh, look here! our mongoose is killing a snake!’ This is important because it shows rikki tikki tavi being brave and saving teddy from Karait the theme i thought of was rikki tikki being be brave, i chose this because throughout the story all rikki tikki has done was help them and brave. The theme of the fictional story Rikki-tikki-tavi by Rudyard Kipling is to be brave and have courage to protect the ones you love. Evidence Rikki’s character traits (pg.21). ‘Oh look here! our mongoose is killing a snake!’This is important because this shows how he…show more content…
Give me the last of my eggs, and I will go away and never come back,” she said, lowering her hood.This is important because this shows how nagaina was trying to kill teddy and his family for revenge. But when Rikki came with an egg she lost it and pleated for it. his is also important because even though she didn’t show a little bit of braveness she still tried to be when fighting Rikki. Evidence of Nagaina’s character traits (pg.27).Again and again and again she struck, and each time her head came with a whack on the matting of the veranda and she gathered herself together like a watch spring.This is important because it shows` how Nagaina trying to bite Rikki but failing at doing it.This is also important because from my side of view i feel like nagaina was trying but was a little scared The following examples of Nagaina is that not only was she trying to get revenge but she was also scared a little and wasn’t expecting rikki would find her eggs. The author, Rudyard Kipling, uses personification in this story to help demonstrate that being brave and having courage is not only in animals but humans. Evidence of personification (pg.15)This is the story of the great war that Rikki-tikki-tavi fought single-handed, through the bathrooms of the big bungalow.This is important because
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