Brin Back Vs Odyssey

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A Magical Journey Back Home The version of The Odyssey, adapted by Marry Zimmerman, tells the story of Odysseus, in a new and intriguing way. The generality of the concept that the original Homer’s Odyssey has, exists in the play, but it is expended in a way, to which the modern audience can relate and enjoy. The production of The Odyssey, presented in Temple theatres and directed by Brandon Mcshaffrey, follows the Marry Zimmerman version of the play. There are varieties of originality added in forms of music composition and dance choreography that further expand the excitement and mystery associated with the play. The production of The Odyssey in Temple Theatres stands out with a remarkable set design. As the viewer enters the…show more content…
It appears either trough songs or by the usage of musical instruments. Again, the presence of music in the play helps the viewer to transfer to this magical land of Greece and travel together with Odysseus, through his challenges. The original songs that are composed by Griffin Back are wonderful and are fitting perfectly with the plot and the message that is delivered to the spectators. His creativity and talent are enabling the songs to merge well with the scenes and to bring the viewers to a mystical dimension. Griffin Back is also a part of the cast of The Odyssey. He portrays the characters of Telemachus, Demodocus and others. The way that he transforms from character to character is smooth and almost unnoticeable. His body language is quite explicit and believable and his facial expressions are strong and noticeable. He appears much more masculine when he plays the character of Telemachus, and when he is a musician. The change of body language and assertiveness is also part of the disguise, which is another major theme in the…show more content…
In order for Odysseus to manage to go back home, he needs to change various looks, and disguise himself as numerous individuals. Alonso manages to adjust to each of the character he transforms in. When he is a stranger, or a poor man, his posture is hunched, and his look is miserable. When he is portraying Odysseus, his body posture is straight and heroic. In addition to his body language, his disguises are supported by the wonderful and rapid costume changes. Almost all of the cast member portray two or more characters, thus the costume changes are inevitable. It is impressive that the actors manage to maintain smoothly this process and the storyline is delivered efficiently and straightforward to the
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