Brine Shrimp Research Paper

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Salt is what the brine shrimp need to hatch. Without salt the brine shrimp won’t be able to hatch or stay alive long. My question ‘Which water will the brine shrimp thrive the best in with with the different amounts of salinity?’This experiment will test whether it matters how much salinity is put in with the eggs. These next paragraphs are some of the information on brine shrimp. For example what they look like, eat, are used for, their different names, etc. Brine shrimp live in very salty water. Adult brine shrimp are called Artemia, Artemia Salina is the scientific name for brine shrimp. Brine shrimp can also be known as fairy shrimp or sea monkeys. Brine shrimp are very small crustaceans. They live in very salty waters so predators don’t…show more content…
Brine shrimp is food to baby fish, birds, and more. However, it isn’t a threat for brine shrimp because brine shrimp can reproduce quickly. Brine shrimp shrimp are used as fish food in aquariums for the baby fish. The birds use brine shrimp as protein for their long flights. Brine shrimp feed on algae, yeast, and bacteria which are microscopic organisms. One type of green algae brine shrimp live on is called Dunaliella, which is a photosynthetic green algae. Brine shrimp are passive filter feeders, which means they don’t select what goes in their mouths. The particles are caught by or in strainers formed by the bristles on the inner edge of the legs, from there the particles go into their…show more content…
The brine shrimp have cousins just like us, the brine shrimp cousins are the lobster and the crab. The brine shrimps subclass Branchiopoda meaning “gill foot,” is referring to the fact that the gills are on the outer side of the limb bases. The brine shrimp glide through the water, it’s propelled by what looks like two wings along their sides.. Under the microscope, the “wings” are revealed to be of 11 pairs of appendages that undulate and that act as paddles. The Artemia Salina is in the order Anostraca, which means “no shell.” The Artemia often develop into large monocultures, the densities of which are mostly controlled by food limitation. Brine Shrimp are considered members of a single genus, which is Artemis. They can also occur in large
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