Bringing Them Home Report Essay

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Bringing Them Home Report Today, our society live freely by following our right and freedom, our rights to do and our freedom to say. However, Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders suffered and are still suffering through a long journey to be accepted in Australia as one. Different events occurred during the 90s to today, such as the Mabo decision, referendums and protests. The Bringing Them Home report was a significant event for the civil rights of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people. The Bringing Them Home report was the result of a national inquiry that includes 680 pages created in 1997. The report is dedicated to those who were affected by the forcible removal from Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander families. It had positively impacted the civil rights movement in Australia in two major ways through the Stolen…show more content…
Authorities from state and territory parliaments apologised for the actions made. On May 28th , 1997, the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Dean Brown sincerely quotes, “ I move: that the South Australian Parliament expresses its deep and sincere regret at the forced separation of Aboriginal children from families and homes, which occurred prior to 1964”, before continuing to say that the apologies are to “ support for reconciliation between all Australians.” This demonstrates on behalf of South Australians, Dean Brown apologises and expresses their deep and sincere regret of the actions taken that effected the Stolen Generations and families. He advises the obligations and responsibilities of the government to legislate with equality and compassion, in order to reconcile all individuals in Australia. Thus, the Bringing Them Home report had impacted the civil rights movement in Australia, as it bought the states to comprehend what they did wrong and the desire to reconcile all
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