Brirkenau Spoon And Knife Analysis

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Object: A Spoon and Knife Significance: Although it may not seem like much Elie’s father gave him this in the camp and told to keep it to help him in the future. During this time in the book the head on the barrack was to telling the jews to exit the barrack “left, right, left, right,” as the Kommando shouted (64%). Elie's father was trying to catch up to him but it was no use. “Here, take this knife, he said. I won’t need it anymore. You may find it useful. Also take this spoon. Don’t sell it. Quickly! Go ahead, take what I’m giving to you! My inheritance,” (64%) At this time his father was implying that he is going to die. Object: A Night light Significance: The significance of a night light is that most of the struggle happened in the night time and it's to show that there is some light in the night. For example, they arrived in Auschwitz in the night “It must have been around midnight. We had arrived. In Birkenau,” (29%). This quote demonstrates that the first impression of Auschwitz was horrifying. No one knew where they were and little did they know that they were going to be killed if they were not eligible to work. Another example, “the days resembled the nights, and the nights left our souls the dregs of their darkness,” (82%). This quote is a demonstration that the night represented the fear for them mainly because all the bad things happen in the night.…show more content…
I see fire! I see fire!” Mrs. Schachter would scream (26%). Mrs. Schachter was seeing fire from the crematoriam, no one believed her, they thought she was crazy. “Mrs. Schachter had lost her mind. On the first day of the journey, she had already begun to moan,”(27%). The water signifys the feeling of when there is a fire you can put it out with the water and you wouldn’t
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