Britannia Bread Case Study

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Chapter 1: Company Introduction

We demand the best of ingredients and package their natural goodness in our products, without compromise.

1.1 Company Portfolio

Britannia Industries Limited (BIL) is a major player in the Indian Foods market with leadership position in Bakery category. Its brand portfolio includes Tiger, Marie Gold,
Good Day, 50:50 and Treat. The Company was born in 21st March of the year 1918 as a public limited company. It is promoted by Wadia Group, which, through a holding company called Associated Biscuits International (Holdings), owns a 51% stake in Britannia Industries. The remaining 49% of shares is held by financial institutions and the general public

The Company 's plants are situated in Kolkata in East India,
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Fruit Bread

Fruit Bread comes in a 200 grams pack comes under Variety segment which offers the mild naturally sweet taste of fruit cuts baked into a loaf. Perfect for an on-the-go breakfast or a no-compromise quick snack.


Britannia’s pav comes under variety segment. Toast these premium soft pavs in butter and you are all set to add magic to your meal. Enjoy it with bhaji, vada or just plain bun maska Mumbai style… we bake pavs that will love you back.
Healthy Slice Brown

Healthy slice Brown comes in a 400 grams pack which is wholesome sliced brown bread, Packed with the power of Atta, these breads are high in protein which gives the energy to meet the demands of everyday work..

Healthy Slice

Healthy slice comes in a 400 grams pack which is wholesome sliced white bread, perfectly baked and easy to love. Stays fresh till the last slice for you to enjoy wholesome delicious sandwiches and more. It comes under premium segment of bread.
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Britannia being a major player in this bread industry wants to extract more from the mother brand so as to establish itself as an iconic brand in this category.

3.3 Research Design

As I have to analyse the retailers behaviours towards bread industry. Therefore descriptive research design is the most suitable research design. Because it includes survey and fact-finding enquiries of different kinds. The major purpose of descriptive research is description of the state of affairs as it exists at present. Descriptive research helps in measuring such items as, for example, frequency of shopping, preferences of people, or similar data.

Objective of the study: To know the current scenario of bread industry in NCR region by

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