Britannia Case Study

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Britannia Industries Limited
In view of fact the Britannia industries is the food based organization which produce a large varieties of biscuits ,dairy products ,rusk, bread and cakes. It is public food company .with its head quarter located in Bangalore. This Britannia is well known to the Britannia and Tiger biscuits. This company is having 300 stores all over India .we see this Britannia industry limited continue to improve the quality of their products to meet there customers demand.
Britannia was established in year 1892 with initial investment of Rs295 . it is oldest and well known product in India . this company has 33% of
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brothers .
Between 1998 and 2001 the company sales grew at a compound annual rate of 16% against the market and operating profit reached 18%. At present 90% of Britannia annual revenue of Rs.22 billion comes from biscuits.
Britannia dairy is introduced in the year 1997. This is the first company in India to pioneer category defining innovations like cream cheese and introducing a host of international flavor for its cubes and spreads in India. Today Britannia dairy contributes 10% of company’s revenue.
1892: Britannia established in this year with the investment of just Rs.250.

1918: The company was incorporated on 21st march, as a public limited company under companies act, VII of 1913. 1921 The Company obtained a priority of Certificate and imported new machinery thereby becoming the first biscuit company in India to instal and run a gas oven plant.

1955: Britannia launches the delicious Bourbon biscuit in India.

1961 Manufacture of bread was started in Mumbai and a new bread bakery was set up at Delhi

1963 Britannia cakes hits the market.
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Britannia sells all there products through out the India, and even exports to the other few countries. This Britannia industry has implemented the diversification strategy so that it becomes the market leader in food and biscuits industry.
The various strategies used by Britannia are as:

 Targeting: The company focus on building a good relationship with customers is the most important part in the sale of products. Not only old customers expectations but also they have to pay more intention new customers .they place an important role in growth of the business.

 Positioning : Positioning is main part to the every industry. while manufacturing the new products they have to keep in mind that competitors.

 Growth:
Britannia biscuits started off by selling its products in India . and slowly they are started to export the it to the other parts of the world.. by doing this they adopted different culture to attract the customers.

 Promotional strategy:
To attract the customers of Britannia, they very innovatively came up with ideas to promote their brand in numerous different ways, and now they have leveraged India’s two most successful passions of all times are a) cricket b)

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