Britannia Marketing Strategy

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Britannia’s Current Marketing Strategy
After appointment of Britannia Industries Ltd’s Chief operating officer (COO) Mr. Varun Berry has commenced making major operational amendments and strategic moves in less than four month of his joining as the corporation looks to enhance its profitability as well as market share in the biscuit making sector, which have get down in last few years because of a continued increase in material costs. Enhancing market share will be difficult job for Britannia’s new appointed COO as this time sales growth in terms of units for biscuit manufactures has decreased from 10% to 5-7%. Further, Britannia is facing tough competition from its competitors Parle G and Sunfeast manufacturer ITC Ltd in addition to various
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Marketing is done on a long term basis. Once a product is put in front of the customers through effective marketing strategies it leaves a print in the minds of the customers for a long time. By providing discounts, offers, cash backs, free products and cost reductions a customer is encouraged to make purchases of the same product again and again. Air Asia understands the customer’s strategic position as an important element of firm’s survival and growth. The marketing concept in operating companies is designed in the order to survive customer needs. The effectiveness of marketing depends on its studies and research related to the customer wants regarding a specific service, the price which the customer is willing to pay and where and when it will be wanted. Market position of Britannia is very satisfactory because of number of reasons like its pricing strategies adopted by higher management, company’s channels of distribution and several numbers of products in their basket. They start innovative and new products to satisfy the customer’s requirements by providing them fresh and alternative items to select, which give advantage in respect of having extra potential for growth. At present, Britannia is having market share is 38% approximately. In the starting years of the corporation company got revenue at an annual rate of 16% in Indian market and company’s…show more content…
On the basis of data collected from researchers, the focus is on customer requirements to a very greater extent. Now days, customer are very much health conscious and to happy these kind of customers, Britannia launched NutriChoice Diabetic Biscuits. The same is also represented in their tagline, “Eat Healthy, Think

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