Britany Rounion: Case Study

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This letter is on behalf of Britany Rounion. I am a Dean at John F. Kennedy where Britany attended school for the 2014-2015 school year. Britany started missing school quite frequently and I started checking up on her due to her attendance. We quickly developed a good relationship and she started confiding in me when she was having problems at home. Britany lived with her twenty-one year old sister, Crystal, her 5 year old brother, Geovonii and her step-father, George. Britany’s mom lived in Aurora, as she was not able to live in the same house as Geovonii, the five year old due to a court order. Britany was responsible for caring for her 5 year old brother. Her sister, Crystal and step-father, George had to be at work early in the morning.
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