British Airways: Importance Of Organizational Structure And Culture

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a) Importance of Organizational Structure and Culture Organisational Structure The structural plan that decides hierarchical arrangement in an organization is the Meaning of organizational structure. It describes the methods of work distribution, orientation and other activities such as management to gain the are carried out in order to achieve goal of organization. Organizational structure mainly divided into three. 1. Functional structure: it improves particular section in an organization according of skills and works and associates their workers into particular section of functional areas. To manage and control this structure is simple when compared to other, so assists in developing the effectiveness. Nevertheless, the organization will fall won if effective communication within these section of function is lack. 2. Divisional structure: it the structure that is an organization makes division according of geography, market, product and service. Each division works separately and managed as independent body. Because of this, fall of one division will not effect on other division, nevertheless it leads to function duplication. 3. Matrix Structure: it consists of reporting lines more than…show more content…
British Airways is huge company and it global company there for it is operating with procedures and rules strictly. For maintain its position in market British Airways choose to have a culture which shows features of both culture task and role. This provides their workers sufficient opportunities to develop their knowledge and improve in other section of job too. But in the case of V irgin Atlantic Airways, they have a culture that shows features of both culture people and entrepreneurial, because it is concerned that the growth and developments of organization are peoples. It motivates their workers to understand their full potential and improve ideas of
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