British Airways Marketing Concept Analysis

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Assignment 1: Marketing concept analysis/ Mor Kaverman Customer loyalty – British Airways "Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves" (Steve Jobs). Positioning & branding, segmentation & targeting, consumer behavior, relationship marketing & customer loyalty are all marketing concepts. One of the most studied area by researches is the concept of customer loyalty (Kumar & Shah, 2004). This essay will discuss the customer loyalty concept as reflected in the marketing strategy of Great Britain largest airline company- British airways. The essay relays on the information from two articles. First, the Financial Times magazine: "British Airways backlash misses real point of…show more content…
Like other companies BA has a marketing strategy built for carrying the customer through the customer loyalty ladder, first they invest a lot of funds in customer's satisfaction trying to take the customer into the supporter stage. Second, BA has a loyalty programs aims to move the customer higher up the ladder and make him an advocate. The company way of doing it called the 'Executive Club'. They divide their preferred customers into levels, each level receive benefits according to the level of membership, as access to special lounges and going through "fast" queues. It starts with the Silver and Gold Executive Club, members may use Business lounges BA also invites its top corporate accounts to join a "Premier" incentive programs that gives them even more benefits. British Airways operates airside lounges for passengers travelling in premium cabins, and these are available to certain tiers of Executive Club members. 'First class' passengers are entitled to use First Class Lounges as well as Business class passengers, members of the Club World or Club Europe in BA
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