Developing Human Resources Strategy: Developing Hr Strategy

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Developing Human Resources strategy: Developing HR strategy can identify potential threats and opportunities in the quantity and quality of human resources required by the organization by gaining deep knowledge and understanding of the organizational mission and vision. Performance management: it is meant to help the organization to train, motivate and reward workers. It is also meant to ensure that the organizational goals are met with efficiency. The process not only includes the employees but also be for a department, product, and service or customer process, all toward adding value to the organization. Organizational Design and Structure: Organizational design is the shape, size and structure of the organization required to meet customer…show more content…
Changes in thinking and practice caused an increase in specialization and thus it led to less use of term “personnel management” in Human Resources Management (Miller, 2006). In the 1980s, changes in the operational environment of HRM drew the attention to the strategic management of the human resources. A firm human resources strategy will allow an organization to have a good bonding with the employee and coexist peacefully in the community. It is employees who will perform their needful duties and responsibilities to achieve its companies set goals or targets. This is where the importance of strategic human resources can be seen, since the human resources department will identify the key areas in the company that require manpower. This department will also carry out the needful steps toward the recruitment of the ideal candidates who cannot only fill the vacancies, but can also help the company to achieve its mission and…show more content…
It mainly involves training. Training provides education to the employees and employers. British Airways incorporated different programs in its structure. The whole culture was changed by the top authorities of British Airways. British Airways invested in training for increasing the commitment level of employee. Managers at British Airways became responsible for controlling the actions of employees, rather than executing any strategies (Colling, 1995, p.21). The first program of training in British Airways was introduced by the CEO of the British Airways, Colin Marshall. This program was named as “putting people first”. This training program was to modify the behaviour of employees (Korczynski, 2001, p.85). “Putting people first” designs the behaviour of employees and make them responsive to meet the needs and demand of customer (Salzmann et al, 2005,

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