British Bill Of Rights In 1789

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Washington was inaugurated in 1789, making him the first president of the United States. In 1790, there were approximately 4 million Americans, twenty five percent from New England. Most farmers agreed that slaves were impractical, since there was barely any farming to be done. The termination of slavery in New England, commenced in the 1780’s because of the fact that most New Englanders believed it was conflicting with their natural rights philosophy. The most religiously diverse sector of the U.S. is in the Mid-Atlantic region. About forty percent being English, and the rest consisting of Dutch, Irish, and German. Due to the fact that this area was so diverse, a complex environment was established. In the south the weather was impeccable hence farming was crucial. Slavery took an enormous role in the southern states because that’s what produced them money and kept the economy intact. The most expeditious region in the nation was between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River, better known as the West. This territory was tyrannical, but the farmers saw potential of growth in living here.…show more content…
Twelve were approved and called the Bill of Rights on December 12th 1791. This was a written summary of the inalienable rights and liberties. In 1789, a consensus was reached and the Judiciary Act was created. It implemented the judiciary clause of the Constitution by establishing the Supreme Court and federal courts. In order to raise revenue and not protect foreign competition the Tariff Act was passed in the same year. Later that year, the Tonnage Act was authorized to tax foreign ships more than American ships, to favor the
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