British Colonialism: An Important Importance Of The British Empire

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The colonial establishment is an essential element of the world that took place in 1450-1950, which plays an important role throughout history. The importance of colonialism derives in history where Empires became established through this concept, conveying their own powers and growing significantly. Colonialism is the policy or practice of obtaining full or partial political control over another country. This means that they occupy it with settlers, and develop trade and use this control for their own benefit. This was extremely common in history and this is how Empires became established. The largest Empire was the British Empire compared to other Empires and had a significant role throughout history where rose to the top. The Empire was known to incorporate commonwealth beliefs with values of peace, order and good government. The establishment and long-lasting success remains a question for scholars and all reasons for their success include colonization, commerce and trade, and their unlimited resources. Research will allow me to provide background on the establishment of the British Empire. I will put my main focus primarily on the British colonial practice over the years 1840 to 1914, including British colonial practice in the Pacific, and lastly will incorporate the legacy of the British Empire.
It is important to appreciate the significance of the British Empire, but to fully appreciate it, we have to have an understanding of the origins. The British Empire consisted

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