British Colonization Of North America Essay

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There were many significant successes and failures during the colonization of North America by the British. One thing that is a major success is that Britain was able to hold onto a colony of a very large area from 1607 which was the start of Jamestown, to 1775; the start of the United States, and even then Britain still had a fair amount of land in Canada after the revolution. One thing that is a significant failure of the colonization of North America is all the conflict that arose because of it. Another thing that is very significant that can be seen as both a success of Britain, and a failure is the creation of the United States. This can be seen as both a great accomplishment, and a great failure for Britain. One of the most significant things that Britain was able to do was keeping a large amount of land in America for a very long time. They were able to hold on to all of that land from the start of Jamestown in 1607 to the start of the United States in 1775, which ends up being 168 years. This made Britain have a lot more money and products by being able to import and export all the products and resources they got from the colonies that they can’t normally make or grow in Europe because of what is available. By having a large amount of land Britain also appeared more powerful because in the event of war it would be harder to take…show more content…
Since people were taking control of land that everyone wanted a lot of wars arose like the French and Indian War. Another bad thing that came with fighting in North America was the string of events that eventually led to the Native Americans being completely wiped out. Since fighting and war are almost always seen as a very bad thing causing all of it can generally be seen as a bad thing. It is especially bad if you wipe out an entire race of people who did nothing to you prior to you taking all of their
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