Democracy In England Essay

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England has always been famous for its democratic system since ancient times.Democracy in England is still being developed uptill now.It was introduced from the very early beginning of the kingship and the monarchy of many English Kings and Queens.Moreover,democracy witnessed some changes throughout the years due to the different figures who ruled the country.Each of the kings had their own role and impor-tance in the development of one of the cornerstones of English democracy.
To start with,King John was the youngest son of king Henry II.He tended to be overshadowed by his older brother Richard.When Hnery II died,he left no land to John.That was why John was given the nickname "John Lackland."Although John was king of England and duke of Normandy,he was not satisfied for he knew that his nephew the 12 –year old-young boy "Arthur"had a better right than himself to the crown.Young Arthur was duke of Brittany.King Philip of
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The defeat in north France was a costly one for John.To pay for the defeat, John in-creased the taxes.In 1214 John lost another battle to the French.This defeat caused England to lose all its possessions in France.As a result,John raised higher taxes.The barons did not like that and in 1214,the rebelled against John.They forced John to sign the Magna Carta at Runnymede in 1215.The Magna Carta was written in Medieval Latin,it was known as,England's "Great Charter" of 1215 which was a document which challenged the authority of the king, subjected him to the rule of the law and protected his people from feudal abuse.It was a list of 63 clauses written down to limit John's power.The Magna Carta remained a cornerstone of the British constitution.It guaranteed certain traditional rights and privileges to his subjects.The Magna Carta was regarded as the foundation of democracy in
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