Was The British Empire A Force For Good Essay

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Was the British Empire a force for good?

The British Empire had a huge impact globally. It can be argued that it was a “force for good” because British brought some positive changes such as roads, hospitals. They needed roads and hospital so they could have more workers and their kids were provided with health care. However it could be argued that the British rule had negative consequences. For example people were forced to learn British because the British Empire refuse to do business in other language. On balance it is clear that the British Empire was a force for good.

One of the main reasons why the British Empire can be seen as a force for good is that the British improved the quality of life of the people they ruled over. The British worked hard to improve health care in Africa and India. For example the built mission hospital and dispensaries. Furthermore, the British saw it to build schools to make a long lasting impact on children lives.
English was spoken in schools, which offered advantages because English is now the main form of communication in the world so countries that were part of the British Empire benefited in the long term because they would be able to use English to help them with trade and business in the world.
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The British Empire took science and technology to many different parts of the world. They built railways, bridges and canals improved communications in many places. Important cultural changes took place in British colonies. Colonised people were educated in English schools and attended Christian churches. English was widely spoken throughout the empire and this means that the former British colonies are in a strong position to trade and make deals in the modern world. It is good to tribute to the British Empire that when it was dismantled after the Second World

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