British Imperialism In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

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The novella Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad in 1899, which is set in the Congo, Africa in 1890. It is based on the narrator Charles Marlow travels to the Congo, in the heart of Africa to relieve a brilliant ivory trader named Krutz, who is working for the Belgium Government. Rudyard Kipling described Imperialism as the “White man’s burden” as in his writings he shows that European countries were travelling to help stabilize and grow the economy in countries that needed it. However, Conrad shows that Europeans went into third world countries and made promises to make them money and help them, when actually they were there for their own benefit. There is a complication on British distinctiveness of Joseph Conrad, his work was an extremely big part of British literary history. The novella Heart of Darkness has not only been able to transform the development of British Literature but also allowed the world to start questioning Imperialism.
The writing style used by Conrad was able to accomplish a transformation in British Literature History. He contributed to the professional novel writing by creating a winding, repetitive and indirect structure of narrative structures. His location of adjectives made his prose difficult to understand but he applied perseverance and after a short period of time, however people realized that characteristics like the use of awkward language and grammar is not showing that someone struggling to understand the English language, but the
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