British Imperialism In Nigeria Essay

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The Nigerian Civil War broke out on 6 July 1967 was likely caused by British imperialism. Nigeria very less natural resources now as compared to before because Britain took them. Today many people have lost their culture and religion; now only 50% of the population is Muslim. Also, due to the different religions, there are conflicts and wars. Today Nigeria is not in as bad a shape as some other African countries. It has been ranked 116 in the world. Its business freedom and monetary freedom are increasing. Nigeria has reached a middle class status and has an emerging economy. It is no longer a third world country but a second world. Right now Nigeria is pretty modern and majority of Nigerians do have access to education. The Africans lost control of their land and their independence when…show more content…
Well Britain did receive many resources from Nigeria which aided in them becoming one of the most powerful nations in the world. They also got slaves from before during the 17th century. The native people of Nigeria were treated poorly under British rule. Even dating back to the 1700s, before Britain had total control over the country, there were many slaves taken from Nigeria to Britain. Britain was only interested in exploiting the country and didn’t care much for its citizens. The British controlled Nigeria by using authoritarian systems and by being unafraid to use force and fear to keep the Nigerians under control. The British never allowed the Nigerians to have rights within the colony that would allow them to have power or to make political decisions. The British also used indirect rule in Nigeria to prevent resistance from the local people and to save on the cost of running a government. Nigeria has two rivers, Niger and
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