British Rule In North Carolina Essay

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On a cold winter night like this Jason would be taking a boat to his grandparents house in North Carolina but this year they could not go. Jason was still wondering about why he and his mom and dad could not go. After all that thinking he went to bed. While he was sleeping, his mom and dad, Ann and Tom were discussing about not going to North Carolina . “ To bad we can’t go down south this year.” said Ann. “ We just can’t. The british rule has go to far on us. They has been charging us for buying any printed item.” The next day Jason went out to do errands and he was out on the street when he heard shouts. “Revolt against the British for they tax us without no representation!” Jason quickly ran home to escape the rowdy mob. When…show more content…
To pay for this charge us on all printed items.” So after hearing this he went on with his errands avoiding the street not only that there was a mob but there was british officers patrolling the streets. Soon he was noticing the difference that the british stamp act had do to his town. People were not buying as much items as they used to which meant that his friend’s parents could not make a living. He wanted to ask his parents on what they could do to help. As usual his parents would say, “We would want to help but times are tough for us too.” After a winter of torment spring finally came everyone like the cool breeze of the air and flowers, well only for a few years. Now that the british came to the colonies people worried on going outside. But Jason (not for the first time ) did not heed to his parents warning and went out to the town square. Surprisingly it was empty as the walked around he saw two tall guards wearing red coats armed with muskets and tall hats. One of them told him to go away back to his home and he did so. Later at night his parents were talking on this hard
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