British Teen Obsessed: A Case Study

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Facts and Summary
On January 24, 2014, in Oxted, Surrey, police found the body of 17 year old Elizabeth Rose Thomas. She had been stabbed in the neck and back by her 16 year old boyfriend (who is now 17), Steven Miles. He also dismembered her legs and one of her arms with “saws and tools from his father’s tree surgeon business ”(Duell, 2014). He wrapped the body parts in cling film, placed them in bin bags and covered the rest of “her body in a green plastic garden sheet” (Duell, 2014). This horrfic murder happened in Mile’s bedroom in his family home. Miles attmitted and pleaded guilty to the murder of his girlfriend. He “was sentenced to 25 years in prison on October 2” (“British Teen Obsessed…”).
Steven Miles’ History Steven Miles was “diagnosed with an autistic syndrome and reportedly had an alter ego named Ed”(“British Teen Obsessed…”). He claimed “Ed” “made him carry out the heinous murder” (“British Teen Obsessed…”). An eminent psychiartrist evaluated Miles
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The prosecutor of this case said “he would have given a whole life term if the defendant had been an adult but as a child he was not allowed to pass that sentence” (Duell, 2014). The reasoning the prosecutor could not pass the sentence was due to the laws and regulations of the country where this crime occurred. However, if the crime would have happened in the United States, the state of Texas to be exact, and if I was the prosecutor, I would have definitely charged the juvenile as an adult and sentenced him any where from 30 to 99 years with a possibility of parole. I would have done this because like I mentioned in the beginning the murder was premeditated. As far as resources go, because the criminal had a disturbing mindset, but was only diagnosed with autism and no other mental disorders, the resource I would recommend would be some sort of counseling that deals with intervention involving treatment for behavioral

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