British Villain In Disney Films, The Accent Of Evil

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Have you ever noticed how in Hollywood films, the villains have a British accent. Is it just a coincidence or is British really the accent of evil? A couple of posts ago I talked about how language affects our children, and today I thought I’d continue down that road. The other day I was watching The Lion King with my kids and suddenly realized that the villain, Scar has a British accent. When I started thinking more about this I realized that many Hollywood films and Disney films portrays the villain with a Mary Poppins like pronunciation. Does the British accent sound evil to Americans? Scar isn’t the only Disney villain with a British accent, there’s Shere Khan in the Jungle Book, Jafar in Aladdin, Captain Hook in Peter Pan and more. Obviously Disney films…show more content…
In the worst scenarios it can result in irrational dislike of people from other countries. This british villain problem, isn’t in my opinion really a massive problem, especially when it comes to children just watching Disney films for enjoyment. I do think this is quite interesting, and cool to have noticed even though it is a quite well known topic. However I think that we as adults, need to be aware of this and just inform and teach our children about this, obviously without ruining the enjoyment of watching funny Disney films. No matter if the British villain thing was Disney’s intention in the first place or not, it is important to think about it once in a while, but obviously not all the time. As a mother, I want to raise my children, so that they are global citizens. I try to encourage their awareness of diversity, attitudes towards difference and effect attitudes may have. I think it is very important to, from a young age, make my children treat everyone equally and not exclude people based on how they speak or the accent that
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