Britney Spears Research Paper

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In 1999, an important switch point in the music industry came the success of a series of teen-pop stars such as my main focus of this section – Britney Spears, easily the most successful one of the teen pop boom in the late 90s and early 00s, Spears’ debut single …Baby One More Time was credited as key turning point of the revival of teen pop, bubblegum pop music, the single itself was highly successful, debuting on #1 in many countries including the USA, its success caused a lot other teen pop artist to blew up such as Christina Aguilera (“Genie In A Bottle”), Mandy Moore (“Candy”) and Jessica Simpson (“I Wanna Love You Forever’’), but despite the abundance of artists’ appearance, their popularity never reached the fever pit of Britney Spears’.…show more content…
Spears’ exexctive producer Dr. Luke tried to recreate the magic of Blackout in 2011 with Britney’s 7th album Femme Fatale which explored more elements in the dubstep and electropop waters, though commercially it fared better than Blackout, it failed to receive the same critical acclaim. The former album is just one of those rarities in pop music where each track was just on point. The erratic theme of the album acted as the perfect soundtrack to Britney’s life in 2007 and was the album that most reflected her at the time. It also showed Spears’ extraordinary sense in music when she got in the full creative – Blackout is her first and only album that she executively produced, Spears discovered those producers and songwriters personally also further proved Spears’ unique taste in music and how ahead of her time musically. Blackout’s influence and impact has already gone beyond Pop music and caught the eyes of urban artists Cassie who was impressed with the track Perfect Lover and urged her producers to mirror the track’s urban sound for her own body of work. Spears’ fellow pop singer Beyoncé also revealed that Blackout influenced her own Sweet
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