Brittany Maynard Analysis

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People tend to go about their lives differently when they are faced with a road block along the way. Terminal illnesses are a great example of a road block that many people, unfortunately, encounter throughout their lives. Morrie Schwartz is met with ALS while Brittany Maynard is met with brain cancer during their lives. While Brittany Maynard and Morrie Schwartz were diagnosed with fatal illnesses, they prefer to approach their death in different ways. Ultimately, Morrie’s lessons in living with reach more people than Brittany’s advocacy for the right-to-die laws. Experiencing an incurable illness is a very difficult entity to live with; knowing you are going to die is not always the greatest thing. Brittany Maynard is faced with brain…show more content…
Brittany Maynard explains to us that the death with dignity law is misunderstood by many people. It is not a suicide drug, it is a way for the person to die by their own terms when they want while consulting with a doctor beforehand. She does not want to die she just does not want let her brain cancer to completely overcome her and in essence, beat her. It allowed the Compassion & Choices to launch a national campaign in an effort to expand the availability of the drug to other states. Contrarily, Morrie was more focuses on giving everyone a moral lesson on life. The idea of “Don’t let go too soon, but don’t hang on too long.” (Albom 162) really sums up the entire book. All throughout the book Morrie proclaims to us that we should always love and be compassionate but, you need a balance of the past and present. Without it, your life will not be fully lived. This lesson it so much more deeper than it appears. It warns us that we need to start living with both eyes open and not worrying what could happen or what did happen; we need to worry about what is happening and deal with things in life as they come. Brittany focuses her impact on others and their rights but I believe Morrie’s concept has a little better meaning behind it. He focuses his attention on the non tangible things and gives us many moral guidelines, via Mitch, that we should follow if we want to lead a happy, simple, and
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